Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shop Hop Day #4

Alright it’s our last day … we had a lot of fun today, and I have to say that the last shop was my favorite today!


Bellevue, Washington

A dessert table…which i loved.  they even had super cute handmade buttons!


Their block was pretty cute too


Duvall, Washington

Cute little town, but I wasn’t so impressed with the shop.  Except for the creaky old floorboards…which i loved!


Woodinville, Washington

Love the patriotic applique quilt!

Bothell, Washington

My favorite of the day…looks like an old barn filled with beautiful fabric!  Ahhhhh


Isn’t that sweet?!  White picket fence and quilts hanging from the rafters!!  I LOVE this place!

Well, that concludes this years shop hop…at least for us lol.  We had so much fun and saw so many beautiful and inspiring things.  Thank you all for reading and commenting on our adventure in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!



  1. That quilt shop was an amazing way to end the day, I thought! Country cutest!

  2. Hi Rebecca...those were some very familiar places. Especially that last one...I posted about it awhile back, myself. Just love that whole village, but the quilt shop was my favorite! Did you get to see the beautiful rooster? ~~Annie


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