Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shop Hop Day #3

I was way too tired to blog when we got home on day #3 and #4 so I’m doing it all now lol.  Our first stop was in Chehalis, Washington.  We loved this shop!!


Grandma, Kristina and Mom…aren’t they cutest?!


Couldn’t resist this little shop right across the street.  Our little side track of the day…but oh such wonderful goodies they had in there!!


Our next shop in Centralia, Washington.  They wouldn’t allow us to take pictures in there.  That’s okay though since we weren’t all that impressed anyway.

Oakville, Washington…This had to be the most charming shop we’ve been to so far.  Fabric in the attic!!  How cool is that?!  Used to be a soda shop or something since they still have the bar stools at the counter, and the rack above it.  Definitely worth the drive!


Mom buying a whole bunch of cute fabric!


Our own personal door man…he even helped Grandma out of the car.  So cute!


The raffle quilt lady (to help the local library) and her cute little hat!


Look at that face!!!  I had just asked her if I could borrow some money.  I think that’s a NO lol!




I think this is the only picture we got of all of us on our 4 generation shop hop!

Tumwater, Washington

This was a cute little shop…I loved all the aprons they had made up!

Olympia, Washington

We got a stamp and a block here, but this is mostly where they hold classes and stuff.  They did have some cute samples made up and an adorable stamping lady!

Olympia, Washington

This is Bayside Quilting 2.  This store was HUGE!  So many wonderful things to look at and lots of pretty samples!


Grandma spinning the wheel…her ticket number was called and she won a prize!!!


Um…I was really wondering if I could just buy this AWESOME cupboard hehe


Oh my gosh…the restroom had an old red claw foot tub and an Elvis quilt LOL

Well that was it for day 3

We had fun today seeing so many beautiful things!

Here’s a picture of my girl just cuz she’s cute lol



  1. I love your pix....except for one! Great job sharing! mom

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photos from the Shop Hop and we at the Quilting Cottage in Oakville, WA love your write up. Glad you enjoyed your experience here and we hope to see you again. Thank you!

  3. Rebecca, Thanks again for the nice write-up. I hope it is ok. I posted a link on our facebook page The Quilting Cottage with copies of your photos and a link to your blog. If you do not want this link, let me know at the facebook page and I will remove the link and photos.


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