Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday already??! ...and a stitchery gift for my Grandma!

Wow...feels like I lost a day somewhere lol! I didn't get to blog this weekend...didn't get my craft day either :( We've just been bouncing from one place to another!
Saturday was my nephews birthday party, and me being so scatterbrained, forgot my camera. They had the party out at long lake so the kids could all play in the water. Beautiful weather, and a jet ski made for a fun day! At first Kristina wouldn't get on the jet ski...she was afraid of Uncle Brian's crazy driving lol. But she finally went with Aunt Brandy and she loved it! It was so nice to visit with everyone since I haven't seen most of them in 4 years. Fun day!
Sunday I was going to run out and pick up some batting and a few other things I needed so I could finish a bunch of projects...but
not so much.
Sunday was my hubbys 30th birthday and also our 9 year anniversary. And sadly he spent it in Florida by himself :( So I spent the morning on the phone with family wishing us a happy day (as happy as it could be anyways), and then dad in law called and invited us over for ribs. Now who could pass that up?! I jumped on that when I realized I wouldn't have to cook lol. So we spent the evening in Port Orchard. At least it distracted me from feeling sorry for myself!

So...yeah didn't get much done over the weekend, but I stitched up the cutest patriotic stitchery and decided since my Grandma really liked the pattern ~ I would make it for her. She's so sweet and I wanted to make her a gift! It is almost done...I just need to choose between the red and the green homespun. Been looking at it all day and still haven't decided! Hopefully I'll choose and get it put together tonight, and it will be turn into a darling wall hanging :)
Now I could drive the 15 minutes down to her house and hand it to her, but I thought it would be more fun to send it in the mail. Who doesn't love getting presents in the mail?!
I hope she likes it!


  1. Love that stitchery! Which color did you go with? I agree...getting presents in the mail is so much fun! That's one lucky Grandma! ~~Annie

  2. The stitchery looks great! I have had that one printed off for ages but have yet to think about working on it. It's very cute and so summery :) I'm sure your Grandma loved it!

    Have a great day!



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