Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shop Hop day #2!

We hopped to 4 shops today :) Pretty good for not leaving the house until the afternoon! (and I made an oops and forgot the map and we had to go back for em!)

First stop in Tacoma, Washington. The outside of the building is horrible. But once inside...OH MY...they had more fabric crammed in that little store then i've ever seen in one quilt shop! There was barely enough room to walk around lol.

They didn't have many samples made up, but aren't the ruffles the cutest??!!

These are 2 of the fabrics I found there...and not at any of the other shops we've been to so far. These are sooooooooooooooo beautiful. although the pics really suck. Imported from Japan. I really have to go back for more die for fabric!

Next stop also in Tacoma, Washington

Mom ohhhing and ahhhhing over fabric hehe..and a cute runner

Still love americana :)

this is a quilt made from last years shop hop blocks

oh my gosh a MAN quilt!! hehe how cute is that

raggy flaggy

Ummm...oh yeah Puyallup, Washington

ahhhhhhhhhhh simplicity

super cute lady bugs

I LOVE this quilt. Mom bought the i'll just borrow it hehe

beautiful quilt from beautiful fabric...Moda's Glace

christmas, but not
I love it

Of course i love the fabric on this runner

and I love the look of this quilt

took this one for my grandma...she bought the panel and wants to make it for christmas :)

Last stop today in Graham, Washington

Super cuteness!~

I am so glad i have a daughter and can really enjoy all things pink!!

More fabric that i love :)

LOOKIE someone painted the sewing machine! how adorable is that?!

Apparently this shop is the only one in which I took a pic of their block...oopsie

Um I totally love this. So many dresses to choose from and they are all amazing!

Here's a sample made up....oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh how sweet!
Okay that's it for today...only 2 days left. and I just have to make it through them without hubby killing me lol. Good thing he's in Florida :) Don't worry, I have great hiding places!


  1. Okay,'re getting closer and closer to my neck of the woods. If you come a little further north to Renton, there's a nice quilt shop across from the Fred Meyer on Rainier Ave. Downtown has lots of great antique stores, to boot! ~~Annie

  2. They are all just beautiful quilts, I love looking at them especially the Americana ones.


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