Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's My Life

I was reading Julie's blog over at http://julieisa.blogspot.com/ and thought this was an awesome idea...she's calling it "It's my life" and every Tuesday she will post questions to answer about your life. And there will be a new theme every month. I love that she wants to make a book from her posts for her children one day. How sweet is that?!! So I thought I would play along for my daughter. It's also a creative way to get to know my fellow bloggers, and for you to learn more about me then you ever wanted to know lol! So here goes..

Here are this week's questions:
1. What was your mother's name? Dorothy Elizabeth
Your Father's name? Philip Don
Your grandmother's names? Dorothy Elizabeth & Opal
Your grandfather's names? Daniel and uh darn I can't remember how sad is that?!
What did you call them? Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa.

2. Do you have brother's and sisters? Many...2 older brothers, 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. 2 half brothers, 4 step sisters and 1 step brother.
What are their names? Erik, Titus, Emilie, Amanda, Jamie. Boddy & Donny. Brandy, Megan, Brittney, Chanda and Josh.
How old were you when they were born? Hmm...Even if I wasn't adopted, I don't think I could remember that lol.
Do you remember the first time you saw them? No

3. What about your aunts and uncles? Aaron and Linda, Brant and Pam, and Gordon and Debbie. Oh and Hollie and Heather, but they are only a few years older then me so I always thought of them more as cousins then aunts. That's just mom's side, I don't think I ever knew anyone from Dad's side except my grandma.
Did they play an important part in your growing up? Of course they did.
Did your family get together much casualy or did you have to travel to spend time together?Every holiday, alot of birthdays and so many days in between lol. I remember so many matching dresses made by mom and grandma, christmas talent shows, easter egg hunts complete with a whole lotta rotten eggs discovered later, even a vacation in grandma and grandpas motor home.
Life has put a lot of distance between alot of us, but I feel blessed to be here now and able to spend time with my mom and my grandma.

So that's it for tonight since it's 230 already! I will hopefully have a finished project to show you tomorrow. Some days are just so non-stop around here...and our shop hop starts Wednesday which I am so excited about!!! 4 generations shop hopping this year, should be so much fun!

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  1. Wow....That's a whole lotta people to love! I'm counting down to shop hop, too! Love ya--mom


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