Thursday, June 4, 2009

Primitive kisses from my mom...isn't she sweet!!

Isn't this the most awesome bench?!! My mom met a guy that makes furniture and things out of old wood and she bought this bench (with good intentions to use it!) but sadly she didn't have a good spot to put it. :( I told her that I had a WONDERFUL spot for it, and she could come visit it whenever she wanted hehe. Don't know if you can tell, but it's adorably primitive with all it's chippy paint and rusted star! I am sooooooo happy with it. And my mom is really sweet to give it to me! Now I just need to find a bunch of cute stuff to display on it.

I went to our local TS/consignment shop yesterday and found this cutest primitve bunny made by Honey and Me. Isn't he amazing?! It was only $5 and I couldn't resist him! He's resting comfortably on my new prim bench!

She also gave me this frame...sorry about the really bad picture. :( The blue on it is lighter then the pic and the frame is all faded and worn and lovely! I plan on stitching up this cute americana stitchery and puting it in the frame!

I had wanted to join Whatcha Workin on Wednesday to show this off yesterday but mr. linky isn't feeling so linky right now, and since i'm new to blogging...well ya know.

So...this is my completed shabby BOM from Jenny. She is so talented and very sweet to share these patterns with us. I chose to leave the word off this block and I'm going to add a couple of fabric borders and then frame it. This particular block I actually made for the wall. I am working on them as quilt blocks also.
I really love how Leslie chose to use her daughters name on a cute and personal! I love reading her blog, it's one of my favorites!
Okay, well I'm off to finish making dinner...too bad it won't make itself hehe
Have a great night everyone!!

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