Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kristina's Project

This was such a fun Sunday project for Kristina and I to do together. I really wanted to have something to hang on the wall that was handcrafted by my girl. I got this idea after seeing the cutest wall hanging at I just adapted it a bit to make it easier for Kristina to do mostly by herself. So I snapped a few pictures to share with you while she was hard at work on her creation.
Here she is painting the frame! (I picked all the colors for the project...might've been more fun to let her pick out all the colors, but uhhh well you know)

Now she's ironing the heatnbond onto the back of her fabric. We used a bit much ...but yay for leftovers!

Awwww isn't she cute tracing her little designs onto the fabric!

Arranging the pieces was the hardest part for her. (and me too!) I think she was afraid I would be disappointed if she put them in the wrong spot lol. I asked if she wanted me to help and she just rolled her eyes and said "moooooooommmmmmm I wanna do it my way"!

I missed a few pictures in here somewhere lol...I think because hubby called from Florida. But she ironed the carefully placed pieces on all by herself and

All finished and so proud!! (her little pink bunny just had to be in the picture too. and yes, bunny is also very proud!)

As soon as I run out and buy a fabric pen, I'll have her sign her name to it! I am so glad we did this today. She loves to be creative, and I really love being able to teach her new things. She has now named herself my new little ironing girl!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Objects of Desire

Oh my...can you believe how adorable this fabric is?? When I saw just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Yep awesome fabric really does that! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I just had to have it. It is aptly named....Objects of desire lol

I also couldn't resist this wall hanging pattern....little wool felt sheep!!!! They are so incredibly cute, and I just love the colors. And I made sure to buy the kit instead of just the pattern. That's just because I'm too lazy to hunt down all the pieces myself! I can't wait to work on it...but sadly, I think my sewing scissors are still packed in a box somewhere.

And this is a raggedy stitchery project I'm making for my angel girl. If you don't already know...I LOVE stitchery projects!! I have quite a few going on right now, but I really want to complete this one. Can't decide how to finish it though. Was thinking about adding a cute fabric border...then to frame or make a pillow....uhhhhhh
What do you think?

Okay. Kristina is bugging me to work on a project. It's gonna be a cute one!! All I have to do is remember she's only 8 and then let go of some of my ummmm my way or else qualities. Yeah I can do this. It's gonna turn out awesome and I can't wait to share it with you!


Here it is! Told ya I'd finish one more project last night hehe...I might add some stenciling later, but for now it's great!
I'll be back later. After a supply run to the craft store...maybe a yard sale or two...and a thrift store! 2 am!

I have to say that 2 am is not so great of a time to work on projects...I think due to the lack of natural light lol~ But I'm up anyway so I figured I should get some things done!
Got DH off to catch his flight to Florida about this time last night...I always have trouble sleeping the first few days after he leaves. My angel girl is sleeping, and the house is sooooooo time to paint hehe

I found these two wooden bowls at goodwill shaped like a flower and thought they would be awesome for Kristina's room. I took a before picture so you could see how great they are. I was so happy when I found them, and I think I only paid $2 for em!

So, as my angel is very girlie and LOVES pink...her room is done in mostly pink and green. I painted the large bowl pink first then green...and the small one green then pink, then sanded so you could see the underlying color. Can't really tell from my rotten picture, but they turned out cute. All that's left is to choose what to fill them with!

I think I already posted about how many great things I have found at thrift stores recently...which i'll get around to posting pics of lol. But I sat and sanded about half of them tonight while watching tv. This crate I had no idea what I was going to use it for, so my mom suggested I use it to hold my rolled up tea towels in my kitchen. She's so smart!
It's only half through it's no finished picture yet.

Hmm guess that's all the pictures I took today. But I have sooooo many more goodies to share with you. Wow, I should really pace myself! Now if I could just get my brain to shut off for a while I might be able to go to bed.

Or maybe I could fit in one more project...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another First

Today is my daughter's third "first" day of school this year....yep 3rd.

She is taking it all rather well...alot better then I would be! She was so excited that she had a hard time sleeping last night. She layed out her outfit, and asked me to pack her a home lunch. She got ready this morning, came downstairs, and said "well mom, it's ANOTHER first day of school." And with only 3 weeks left too! My sweet, wonderfully resilient girl....I hope you have an awesome first day of school!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Starting...

This is my first blog, and I am so excited!! We have just recently moved back home to Washington after 8 years and we feel so blessed to once again be surrounded by our family. It's funny how growing up I couldn't wait to get away from here, but once the Navy started moving us around, I found that our "home" couldn't be replaced.

We spent the last 3 years in Hawaii, and just so you know...not everyone loves it there. I hated it more then anywhere we've been so far, and I REALLY missed the rain! So I guess that led to a 3 year slump in my creativity! But now that I'm home... I can't wait to finish, and start, about a million projects!

My mom is very creative, and also has a blog that you should check out There are some wayyyyyy cute pics of her teaching my daughter to make the cutest necklace she found on moda bake shop :)

So a few things about me...

I love thrift store goodies! I found a bunch today that I will be taking pics of to show you. Before their makeovers of course lol.

I love americana decor...maybe that comes from hubby being in the military, but not sure!

I also love stitcheries...I am working on a few and will be posting pics and asking for input :)

Well that's all I have for now, till I get the pictures posted. Hubby is leaving for school in Florida friday morning, so I will have plenty of time for some uninterrupted least during school hours!

I will leave you with one picture of my rainy day "kisses"
HAHA...of course I'm new so I had no idea it would be put at the top of the post (or even how to change it) but there you have it!
My 3 awesome wood bowls I found at goodwill and my mug...that so far the kitty likes to sit in!
BTW the kitty was made by an awesome lady on ebay goosenberrycorners. I love her little cuties!