Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kristina's Project

This was such a fun Sunday project for Kristina and I to do together. I really wanted to have something to hang on the wall that was handcrafted by my girl. I got this idea after seeing the cutest wall hanging at I just adapted it a bit to make it easier for Kristina to do mostly by herself. So I snapped a few pictures to share with you while she was hard at work on her creation.
Here she is painting the frame! (I picked all the colors for the project...might've been more fun to let her pick out all the colors, but uhhh well you know)

Now she's ironing the heatnbond onto the back of her fabric. We used a bit much ...but yay for leftovers!

Awwww isn't she cute tracing her little designs onto the fabric!

Arranging the pieces was the hardest part for her. (and me too!) I think she was afraid I would be disappointed if she put them in the wrong spot lol. I asked if she wanted me to help and she just rolled her eyes and said "moooooooommmmmmm I wanna do it my way"!

I missed a few pictures in here somewhere lol...I think because hubby called from Florida. But she ironed the carefully placed pieces on all by herself and

All finished and so proud!! (her little pink bunny just had to be in the picture too. and yes, bunny is also very proud!)

As soon as I run out and buy a fabric pen, I'll have her sign her name to it! I am so glad we did this today. She loves to be creative, and I really love being able to teach her new things. She has now named herself my new little ironing girl!

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  1. This is amazing! You both did a wonderful job! Hmmmmmmmmm....I have a few places where something precious like that could hang! What should I do? Kristina, you are so very talented and creative, and Becca, you are very patient and a great role model for your daughter!


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