Wednesday, July 22, 2009

whatcha working on wednesday

Hmm…I would really love to show you all tons of cute projects, but apparently that just wasn’t meant to be this week!  Not for lack of trying of course!  Since hubby got home late friday night, things have been non-stop around here.  Kristina has been down at my mom’s spending the week with her and my niece Nicole.  But we got to keep the girls over here on tuesday and wednesday.  It’s been wonderful to spend time with her since we  haven’t lived close to my brother and his family since the girls were babies.

So, since today was another gorgeous day, we spent it at Wildcat Lake!


See the big beautiful house being built across the lake?  Well…it’s not ours.


And see the bright, sunny sailboat?

Not ours either!  But I can still dream lol

Honestly though…it was beautiful here today and the girls had so much fun.  I enjoyed watching them play and taking pictures of course!  (and turning into a human lobster, since my super white skin and the sun don’t mix well.  You’d think i’d be used to sun after spending the last 3 years in Hawaii!!)


Kristina had to take Nicole’s hand and lead her into the water…she was scared of the tadpoles!


But she got over it lol


Here they are actually trying to catch a tadpole!


And the world’s cutest sad facey because the tadpoles are too fast to catch!


and this picture I took because, well, it just made me feel like an old mother hen!  the whole time I was watching these teenage boys climb this pole and then dive, jump, backflip and whatever else off it….all I wanted to do was run and tell them to stop before someone broke their head! (or some other vitally important part)  When did I get so old?!

015 017

Awww aren’t these girlies cute?!

I really enjoyed spending today with these two, and I’m glad that they had so much fun!

Maybe next week I’ll have some actual projects to show off on Wednesday…maybe.


  1. looks like you had a great time, sometimes it's good to walk away from all the projects & just enjoy life! that's waht I'm gona do today LOL

  2. Hello Rebecca, Great picture of the lake. I wish I was vacationing there.

  3. Hey there Rebecca, we live here in the pacific northwest too..retired Navy..we live in Indianola..up by kingston and suquamish..outskirts of poulsbo..where do you live? I love the items that Annie you do any of the craft shows here? Take care..:)

  4. I just noticed that you are the Poulsbo ward..but soon to be in the Kingston ward..we are dividing up..been in this ward since kind of bummed...what ward are you in?


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