Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whatcha working on Wednesday

It’s finally cooling off and I love it!!  I am working on so many things right now, and trying to take advantage of the cool weather while we have it lol.  So another week…wow.  I feel like I get farther behind every time WWW rolls around.  But it’s so fun to see what others are spending their summers working on, so thanks Leslie for hosting!

So this weeks projects are:

Mostly back to school clothes!  Can’t believe it’s that time already.  Kristina (if you haven’t noticed from the pictures of her) is very tall for an 8 yr old, so in order for her skirts and dresses to be long enough…it’s easier just to make them.  And she does love her girlie dresses!


isn’t this the cutest corduroy ever?!  this jumper is all cut out and just waiting for me to sew it together!


Fabric I bought yesterday…from the mod girls line.  I just love paisley!  This is going to be a cute skirt and peasant top.

008 009

Got these two yesterday too.  Not sure yet what i’ll make for her, but thought they were darn cute.  Especially the bloomin birds!

And lastly….


My shabby boms from Jenny!  I absolutely adore this antique flower line in pastel from Lucien!  I can’t get enough of it (mom actually drove me to a quilt shop in Tacoma yesterday just so I could get more!) 

So I spent a lot of today tracing the designs and appliqueing, so I’m all ready to sit down and stitch.  I’m really excited about making this quilt….it’s going to be a present for my grandma. (so no peeking grandma!!)

So that’s a lot of things for me to finish this week…hopefully lol

Hubby is back at work now, so on days I need the car Kristina and I have to get up early and drive him to work.  Since i’m in no way a morning person it really throws off my day lol.  But we’re adjusting and hopefully soon we can get him a car!  In the meantime…i just have to get up early (such a dirty word lol) which means more time to finish all these projects right?! hehe


  1. love the fabric you chose..can't wait to see them all done up..I know getting up early is a dirty lets no use it..:)

  2. Honey, the blocks look so pretty! I am so excited to see them all completed. Your fabric all looks so pretty laid out. Everything will be beautiful! Have an awesom day!

  3. I used to love making clothes for my daughter - cute little dresses and skirts, and then I'd make a matching outfit for her Cabbage Patch doll. Good old days. She still wants me to make her clothes now (at almost 17) but she's so much fussier and, for some reason, always picks things with buttons. I do not like making button holes.

    The fabric is gorgeous. Your little one is very lucky to have her own private seamstress. Haute couture indeed!

    Have fun with your stitching. Those shabby roses blocks are so cute!

  4. All your fabric is gorgeous. I especially like the corduroy. I remember sewing a lot of my kids' clothes as they were growing up. They always felt special because no one else had what they had.

  5. Wow I love all that new fabric . What a lucky little girl you have .


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