Saturday, August 15, 2009

Renaissance fantasy faire

So today was a first for me…first Renaissance faire that is!  Not exactly what I would have chosen to do today, but since every time we make plans with Dad I end up flaking…so I figured I owed him this one!

So we packed up Kristina and her friend, went and got Dad, and off we went!  And it was interesting.  Lots and lots of people dressed up, and talking a bit strange.  A pretty little fairy pulling a cart of bottled water lol…gave the girls fairy jewels.  They were very impressed with her sparkly treasures.


Here they are looking all cute!  I’m just glad it was cool enough to spend the whole day outdoors!


My sweet girl getting her face painted…highlight of the day for her I think lol.

014 015

Awwww…don’t they look adorable!

I meant to get a whole bunch of pictures of the people dressed up and entertaining people with the magic and the jousting and what not…but by this point I felt like crap and had a killer migraine.  So instead I have a few pictures of my clan…as dressed up as they’re gonna get lol!


Here’s the dad!  I really wanted to buy him this hat with the feathers, but he said absolutely not!


Kristina…i think she actually liked this one


Kaley…Kristina’s sweet little friend


And hubby Tim…the jester of course lol

And that was our saturday.  Not exactly my thing…but we had fun.  I think the highlight of my day was the home made cream soda in a big blue bottle.  The label says it was brewed in the belly of a dragon!  I know, I’m easily amused by simple things hehe. 

Well I hope that all of you are having a wonderful weekend!  Monday starts another week of getting my angel ready to go back to school.  I still need to finish sewing up a few things for her, and finish buying her school supplies.   So much to do and only 2 weeks left!  I can’t believe it…where has the summer gone?!  Well that’s all for now…I’m off to try and get rid of my migraine. 

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  1. Looks like so much FUN!!! The girls look sweet and happy! Migraines are not allowed! "Dad" is smiling and so is Tim, so hopefully it was worth it!


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